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Weddings are a joyous occasion, but they can also be stressful. There are so many things to plan and so many details to keep track of. It’s no wonder that many couples feel overwhelmed by the process. If you’re feeling stressed about your upcoming wedding, don’t worry. You’re not alone. There are many things you can do to relax and enjoy the moment.

Here are some specific tips for relieving wedding stress while you are at the ranch:

  • Schedule some time for yourself. This might mean taking a yoga class, getting a massage, going for a walk, or simply reading a book in a quiet spot.
  • Get some exercise. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and improve your mood.
  • Spend time with loved ones. Being around people who love and support you can help you to feel calm and relaxed.
  • Get enough sleep. When you’re well-rested, you’re better able to handle stress.
  • Eat healthy foods. Eating healthy foods can help to improve your mood and energy levels.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine. These substances can worsen stress and anxiety.

By following these tips, you can relieve wedding stress and enjoy your special day to the fullest.

We have also reached out to some amazing individuals who will come out to the ranch to help you feel balanced and rejuvenated!


Instructor: Brittany Burke

Starting in may we will be offering sunrise yoga every Tuesday & Thursday. Sundays we will be offering a sunset yoga class!

Tuesday & Thursday sunrise yoga will be at 7:00 am.

Sunday sunset yoga will be at 6:00 pm.

These three classes will be open to the public!

$20 drop-ins or $150 for 10 session pass

We also offer private yoga sessions!

Wedding couple private session $125

Party of 3-10: $200

Over 10: Contact Brittany Burke

We encourage you to bring your own mat and props.

Payment options: Venmo, Paypal, and Cash


Massage: Cathy Crelling

Cathy Crelling In-Home Massage Services is the best in Westcliffe. She will make you feel so relaxed and refreshed!

She offers Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myoskeletal Alignment, Neuromuscular Therapy, Active Isolated Stretching, Medical Massage, Sports Massage and more.

We definitely recommend booking her as soon as you book your big day! Or you can let us know that you would like to schedule a massage during your stay here, and we can contact her for you!

Minimum book is 60 minutes and all treatments are customized to your needs!

  • 60 minute full body massage – $80
  • 90 minute full body massage – $120
  • 30 minute head & neck massage with warm oil hair treatment – $45
  • 30 minute foot massage $45

Payment options: Cash, Check or Major Credit Card

Brittany Burke

Teaching yoga over the years has truly been a gift and I am so grateful that I am able to share this beautiful medium for self care, internal reflection, and healing for mind, body and soul with our community. I started teaching yoga in 2008 in Chicago, IL and continued on my teaching journey along the Front Range in Colorado from 2011-2022. My husband, three kids and I moved out of the city to Westcliffe in May 2022 to slow down, be more intentional, and immerse our family in a small, intimate community with genuine connections and lots of space to explore. From the first time we visited Westcliffe, we instantly knew that we had found our forever home in this welcoming, breathtaking valley. Being in nature is an absolute blessing for our family and we love spending our time in the mountains exploring with our kids and dogs. When not out exploring, you can find us at home with our chickens and ducks, working on creating our own homestead and expanding our farmette together. I am passionate about teaching Vinyasa yoga, which is a flow style class that links conscious breath with fluid movement to find a moving mediation that promotes peace and grounding. I love creating unique sequences and intentions to allow you to access your flow state and help you find balance, grace, and fluidity both on and off your mat. I also love teaching yin, which incorporates poses that are held for 3-5 minutes to target connective tissues in order to promote further physical and emotional release and restoration. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to teach at Three Peaks Ranch. The stunning views and overall ambience at the ranch add such a unique, beautiful layer to your yoga experience. I look forward to meeting you and seeing you on your mat soon!

P: (217) 791-1906

E: [email protected]

Cathy Crelling

More than 24 years of massage experience and training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myoskeletal Alignment, Neuromuscular Therapy, Active Isolated Stretching, Medical Massage, Sports Massage and more.

Worked for 12 years as a Master Therapist at 10,000 Waves in Santa Fe, NM , voted one of the top spas in the world.

Creating a balanced and complete massage by customizing each treatment to individual needs. Integrating deep tissue, stretching and specific work to focus on the release of pain/tension and to promote relaxation.

Fully mobile service – offering massage in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

References available upon request.

P: (719) 569-6153

E: [email protected]